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Its so easy to make a website these days.  Virtually any business with a computer savvy business owner can make a professional looking website within a couple of hours. 

However; creating a functional website that generates ROI for the business owner is a much more difficult task. 

Our Results-oriented SEO process has been responsible for highly effective results in many difficult niche markets, such as Attorneys, marketing companies, real estate companies as well as computer support and cybersecurity firms.  We will gain an understand of your business model, research the competition and use that information to translate it into something that google can understand and show in the search results.

Complete Internet Marketing Solutions

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

At SEOCOW, we specialize in SEO, and use other channels of digital marketing to work in alignment with a solid SEO foundation. This allows for increased ROI and functionality in all areas of digital marketing.   Certain business types seem to perform well using specifically PPC ads.

Who We Are ?

We are a small group of Digital Marketing Experts out of New Jersey.

Why Choose Us ?

Our proprietary mass- pages tool allows us to solidify ranking positions on google with many long-tail keywords.  This makes our SEO process highly unique; and allows us to bring enterprise level SEO to small businesses at a price point that enables a fast ROI.

Our Vision

Unlike some tech businesses, our model is not based off American Greed.  Our vision is mainly helping others grow their businesses with our technical skillsets and capabilites.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create ROI for each and every client we work with.


Social Media Marketing Services

With our long years of experience in the fields of social media marketing and SEO, we always try to meet the expectations of clients through our loyal efforts and customized solutions. Our goal is taking a venture into the heights of success by working strictly according to Google standards. We do not make a compromise with the quality.

SEO For Resellers

SEO cow assists a business in different fields of digital marketing. Our trustworthy and highly knowledgeable staff works closely with you to achieve desired business goals in minimum time. As an SEO reseller, you can utilize modern SEO techniques with the co-operation of our dedicated IT partners saving yourself from the pitfalls of online marketing.

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SEO can be difficult for people to understand:

When people hear SEO, many people automatically jump to first position rankings, or first page rankings.  In reality; SEO isn’t all about getting to the first page or the first position.  A solid SEO campaign develops a core value by showing up anywhere on google, as long as people are seeing it.

Our Process is different from other SEO companies:

We gather a lot of information and build upon that information with intelligent software to create a large number of pages based on a long-tail keyword scheme

We are Unique

We develop a Solid Website URL structure that allows us to strategically categorize information, so we know where to add information- and google knows where to find it

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Our Featured SEO Services

Local/Regional SEO

Want to know more about Local or regional SEO?

URL Structure

How important is URL site structure for SEO?  The answer might surprise you.

Keyword Research & Competition Analysis

We examine the competition with a fine tooth comb, to uncover as many keywords as possible.

SEO Friendly Content Writing

SEO friendly Content has relevant keywords and it keeps users on the site.  We can help.

Backlinking & Domain Authority

Domain Authority and Page authority are both among the most important ranking factors.

User Interaction Result

User Interaction has been ranked by recent studies as the most important ranking factor for google searches.

Pay per Click Advertising

Does Pay Per click impact organic search results?  In some cases, yes.  Pay per click is a good tool to gauge user interaction research.  The two are linked.

Title Tags & Meta Tags

90% of Websites have incomplete Meta Descriptions and title tags.  The are some of the most important elements for google search crawlers.

Trending Blogs

Latest from the world of Search Engine Optimization

Take a look at our SEO Blog.  Perhaps you can find information useful for your next SEO campaign.   We post interesting case studies from time to time from putting google to the test.

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  • October 5, 2019

Ubersuggest is Wrong!

I said it.  Ubersuggest is wrong! Neil Patel did a great job designing Ubersuggest; and it is an interesting SEO...

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