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Our qualified and expert professionals feel great to work for you. With their knowledge of the latest technology, advanced software and technical experience in SEO, they provide you the best results.

SEO COW Website Database Engineer

Sean Wahl

Sean Wahl is the technical superpower of the company. He is a cisco certified level 2 technician. He has experience in many different areas of technology, and also has a great ability figure out the areas he doesn’t know very rapidly. His experience includes (but not limited to) linux and unix operating systems, apple/ mac operating systems and he is also proficient in windows


Richard Bloschack

Richard Bloschack is a level 1 technician. He is experienced in network setups, cabling, email, deskside support, configuration and he provides “smart hands and feet” in our service process. He has experience for hellofresh as a technical assistant, during a large growth phase.


About the CEO

As CEO of the company, Rich is the visionary behind 5 Star IT Solution. He has extensive experience as a technical advisor, project manager, and most importantly a true and reliable business partner. By alignment of strategic partners and in-house recourses he has created a business which provides a very thorough and complete solution for all of your business technology needs, large and small from website and marketing to IT, security and more.

Richard Race
– Cheif Executive Officer

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