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The History of SEOCOW.com

SEOCow.com started of as a successful search engine marketing system for Race Computer Services LLC.

From The CEO:

“Over the years of running a small business in IT Support and Technology consulting services, I’ve encountered many  hardships from one client to the next based on budgeting for technology services.  Many businesses, large and small seem to be resource strict and many don’t like budgeting for IT.  I started to leverage technology as a utilized asset instead of just a cost or burden, and use it to create ROI.

Since I’ve been able to build a highly successful internet marketing platform for my technology business; I have decided to also expand my offerings by deploying search engine services with a very specific guarantee, backed by a team of experts.

What this means for business owners:

This makes a strong value proposition for many different clients in many different niches; and its almost an unbeatable guarantee in SEO.  In addition to SEO and search engine marketing services; we also deploy full marketing solutions by the use of several digital marketing variations which work together in a fully operational sales funnel.”

Richard H. Race

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